A qualified partner to entrust
environmental care

The common goal of the Tiesse technicians is to operateby combining economic needs with those of environmental protection, all in full synergy with the context in which the customer operates.
Tiesse S.r.l. it is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers – Umbria Regional Section – for the transport of waste at no. PG/43 (urban solid waste, non-hazardous Special Waste of all kinds, Special Hazardous Waste) in categories 1B, 4A, 5D and 8C and in the national register of companies that carry out waste management for waste collection and transport activities sent for recovery and recycling pursuant to art. 212 of Legislative Decree 152/06 for all types.

Tiesse provides the following services:

  • consultancy and assistance reports for integrated waste management;
  • collection and transport of special hazardous and non-hazardous waste (solid and liquid)
  • separate collection of urban and similar waste;
  • unblocking of sewage systems with high pressure pumps (205 and 400 bar);
  • purge of biological pits;
  • video inspection of sewer pipes;
  • cleaning of road drains;
  • street sweeping;
  • rental of compactors and collection bins from 18 to 30 cubic meters;
  • supply of bins, containers, bio-composter.
tiesse servizi environment transport
tiesse transport

In recent years, Tiesse has dedicated energy and investments in the development of the cross-border waste sector and is currently able to ensure the following activities:

  • technical and economic feasibility study of export with recovery / disposal methods;
  • preparation of the documentation of the notification procedure;
  • management of the entire authorization process with the ministerial authorities involved in the waste shipment, transit and destination countries;
  • direct classification as notifier and cross-border logistics management;
  • cross-border transport.

In order to guarantee a quality service with the highest level of efficiency, Tiesse has internally qualified professional and academic skills on internationalization issues, international contracts, international taxation, logistics, market research, etc. Themes that fall within the sphere of the main activity that is upstream of the activation of the service, because it is strictly connected to obtaining all the authorizations necessary for the start of cross-border transport at the plants identified for the management with homologation of the waste produced by the customer.
The waste export activity requires a capacity of each notifier in technical-financial terms, of foreign logistics and positioning on the markets as a valid interlocutor. Tiesse Servizi’s role as notifier assumes the fulfillment of all these requirements, which are subsequently validated in turn by the relevant bodies / ministries as competent authorities for transboundary shipments of waste.
For the management of cross-border waste, and after gaining operational and logistic experience, Tiesse has always involved its own transport and logistics division since, according to the requested service, it prefers to dedicate its own authorized vehicles, carrying out transport activities directly. This does not preclude its collaboration with other logistics operators, specialized in this area and in possession of all the requirements of accreditable suppliers.