Logistics and packaging:
consulting and assistance
for intelligent logistics.

Companies that pay extreme attention to their logistics area, in order to take a key position in the distribution process, require organization, planning and perfect warehouse management: assumptions that Tiesse represents in their entirety.

Tiesse guarantees the entire supply chain in terms of packaging, starting from the production of wooden pallets up to the perfect packaging of the finished product, according to the specific needs of the customer and in full compliance with those that are the peculiarities of the good subject to the subsequent placing on the market.
With reference to the materials used for packaging, the highly qualifying properties are not to be overlooked, determined by the fact that for their realization plastic materials and steel materials of the best world producers are used, with which partnerships have been consolidated.

Tiesse provides warehouse management services, loading, unloading and shipment management, packaging of goods with supply of packaging material – with direct production of wooden packaging including custom-made and possible phytosanitary treatment of the material as per ISPM-15 / IT- 10-006 HT SFN FITOK.

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