Tiesse production sector concerns:

  • Production of wooden pallets of all types and sizes.
  • Phytosanitary treatment according to the ISPM-15 standard of FAO on customer request.
  • “Just in time” service, a dynamic system in line with the most demanding requests of our customers.
  • Direct selection of raw materials from the best producers in Italy and abroad, obtaining transferable and tangible qualitative and economic advantages directly from customers.
  • Collaboration with the most established companies in the field of timber production and marketing.
civil cleaning

Industrial and civil cleaning

In addition, one of the areas of activity in which Tiesse has a long professional experience consists of industrial and civil cleaning services (Cleaning). In order to complete these interventions according to the precision and care that characterize the work of Tiesse, it is necessary to use highly advanced technologies and the use of qualified operators. Particular attention is paid to interventions in the industrial sector which involve a heavy commitment and arduous resolution, given the complexity that characterizes the production lines and the different operational departments of the client companies. Thanks to the extreme flexibility – peculiarities that Tiesse puts on top of its virtues – it is possible to guarantee the full respect of the different needs presented by each production structure, in the certainty of offering services with high quality standards.

Green area maintenance

Another strong point of Tiesse is gardening, in fact the meticulousness and professionalism with which Tiesse takes care of flower beds, lawns or hedges – with targeted, constant and punctual interventions, in conjunction with natural seasonal cycles – favors interactions and the liveability of the exterior of any structure, be it a private residence or a business location. Tiesse aims at creating and preserving green areas with a pleasant appearance, identifiable as sources of well-being capable of arousing positive emotions.
Tiesse’s skilled operators possess skills and know-how to make the appearance of our cities more harmonious and in step with the times. Heavy machinery (bulldozers, tractors, excavators) used for this type of intervention and for other more complex ones (reclamation of areas, earth movement, excavation) require adequate preparation and training of personnel.