Transportation and Shipping

To meet the different handling needs of goods that may arise, Tiesse has prepared a vast fleet of vehicles, including vehicles with different technical characteristics and capacities, including tilting, tilting and demountable vehicles, in order to guarantee the transport of all types of goods.
Tiesse is able to ensure sorting activities of postal items, company-internal shuttle services, special materials handling and transport for third parties also with ADR mode.

Tiesse, in addition to the registered office of Terni (TR), has two logistic bases located respectively in Terni, in via M. Corrieri n. 19-21 and in Montecastrilli (TR), in via dello Scalo n. 26-28. The latter is also equipped with a workshop for internal maintenance and an area used for washing vehicles.

An important sector is the tractionist activity for primary commissioning of cryogenic gases in the liquid state: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, CO2 and argon. All the vehicles used for this extremely delicate service are adequately equipped, while the drivers are subjected to continuous training and updating on safety matters and are monitored with a sophisticated system for detecting all the on-board parameters: maximum, minimum and average speed , frontal and lateral accelerations and decelerations, distances and stops.

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