Terni Servizi Tiesse Srl is a company established in 1984 and consolidated over time, as the increasingly complex demands placed by companies operating in the industrial, craft and service sectors.
Tiesse proposes itself as an interlocutor able to guarantee a high quality global service, taking on the aspects that accompany the life of the companies, leaving them the possibility of dedicating themselves to the main activity in the context of their own reference business.
A constant and progressive evolution and innovation is evidenced by the significant investments that have allowed us to increase instrumentation, equipment and vehicles. The variety of solutions offered is the strong point of a flexible service, which moves with extreme agility in a very selective and competitive market, without going to affect in any way the quality, the efficiency and the timeliness of the services offered by Tiesse.

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Tiesse’s offering includes a wide range of services ranging from theenvironment, logistics, production and transport.
Overall, the wide range of services offered guarantees the customer the possibility of using a single partner able to support him globally (Global Service). Tiesse customers can therefore boast the faculty to use a single interlocutor for the global service with the advantage of less dispersion of energies, streamlining in the procedures for carrying out the services, obtaining benefits in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Attention is therefore aimed at satisfying the specific needs of the customer in order to arrive, through targeted and tailor-made studies, at solutions – even among the most complex ones – that allow us to compete in the current competitive market. These peculiarities mean that the administration of the services, although notoriously is an intangible element, takes on a connotation of materiality that the most attentive customers are able to understand and subsequently transmit to the outside world as a perfect business card.

Tiesse offers the following services:

  • civil and industrial cleaning services;
  • environmental sanitation;
  • environmental services;
  • industrial plant and equipment maintenance;
  • transboundary shipments of waste;
  • gardening and garden maintenance service;
  • transport of postal items and shuttle service to companies;
  • transport for third parties;
  • delivery service;
  • concierageservice;
  • logisticsservices .
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Since the mid-1990s, Tiesse operates in compliance with the quality standards dictated by the UNI EN ISO 9000standard, adapting its interventions in all sectors to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
Over the years, Tiesse has integrated its Quality Management System with Environmental Certification, Safety Certification and Ethical Certification according to the standards, respectively, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and SA 8000:2008.

The performance of each type of service is accompanied by strict compliance with the policy with which Tiesse operates on the market: a company policy that aims to achieve customer satisfaction, an expression borrowed from the vocabulary of marketing experts to indicate a principle that Tiesse has transformed in a real motto.